preached and preaching at BACC…

yesterday was the first time that I preached at BACC (Bay Area Christian Connection). before i even started preaching, it felt like a full service.  the gospel choir is amazing at every transition during the service there was a word of inspiration, encouragement, and even challenge.  i’ll never know how to accurately evaluate a sunday service (i wrestle at times if we’re even supposed to), but I experienced God, and that’s powerful for me.  Brian Woodson (the pastor and now also my friend) always ends his time of prayer by saying, “wow…” it’s a statement of awe and wonder that we get to talk with the creator and savior of the universe.  his humility before our God challenges everyone around him.  well, i’m never sure how well i preach so i won’t go into that one, but as an fyi, i’ll be serving as the interim pastor of bacc during the month of august.  I’ll also be working on starting a home Bible study during the month for people that are interested in being a part of ‘convergence.’  i have to say that church planting is  wild journey.  but to be a part of God’s family, plan, and purpose…  “wow…”

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