living obedience in mystery a.k.a. “faith…”

it’s crazy to think of how people responded to dreams from God.  the wise men risked their lives by defying herod because of God warning them in a dream.  joseph uprooted his family and took them to egypt because of being warned in a dream.  he returned to israel because of a dream.  when we think about the mystery of our faith, it never makes sense.  we are a people that turn first to reason and are almost afraid of mystery.  everyone in this passage was willing to change their lives radically because they believed that God was speaking to them in their dreams.  i think of what kind of dream from God it would take for me to uproot my family and go to a foreign land.  i think of considering how difficult it would be (having a new born) and deciding that it would be better for my family not to go just because of the challenge of carrying out God’s call.  how malleable are we?  how willing are we?  mentally, i think that we’re very willing.  but actually doing God’s will???  doing something that would require actual, physical sacrifice?  i think when the rubber meets the road, i think twice, three times, or maybe turn to other things (like the boob tube or some other mind numbing activity) to help me forget the call.  i think of when Jesus was praying and the disciples were falling asleep.  Jesus says, “the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.” there’s something inside of us that screams for life with Christ and our flesh counts the cost and weighs the sacrifice.  Lord, encourage and challenge my spirit to drive and direct my body to respond in a living, active obedience to you…


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