the church’s response in oakland…

as everyone knows by now (or should know by now), this past weekend was wrought with tragedy in our city as four oakland police officers were killed.  it’s been tense to say the least.  as a city, we’ve had to deal with the bart shooting (where bart officer shot and killed an unarmed passenger) and now are mourning over the death of four police officers – all within the past 3 months.  it’s a lot for a city to bear.  combine all of this with a national economic crisis and you can only imagine the anxiety and tension that is stirring in our communities.  i was reading this article this morning from the sf chronicle on the church’s response to this crisis (read it here) and i would love to open up the conversation and hear more response from the christian community. let’s talk about this…

5 thoughts on “the church’s response in oakland…

  1. Hi Bobby,

    The coalition of churches and non-profit organizations uniting together to help the Oakland community is admirable and should produce tangible success. But I’m envisioning something more. I’m praying for a revolution in Oakland – for the citizens of God to display love and power that will amaze and transform the Oakland community.

    I am humbly reminded that we are called to be ambassadors from a heavenly government. That we have legal and direct access to His power. To exercise and express genuine love that heals people and recreates them to fulfill their purpose in this life and beyond.

    In the end, these tragedies, like any other tragedy, are key opportunities to expand the kingdom of God. May you and the rest of Convergence powerfully shine His light in the darkest areas of Oakland.

    Your Brother in Christ,

    • thanks for the encouragement bro. i’m hoping that our church can move forward as ambassadors of peace, love, and hope in a season of anxiety and suffering…

  2. Yeah, I’m interested and somewhat concerned by the response I’ve seen and the lack of response simultaneously. I’ve seen lots of Christian leaders doing lots of token representation but I wonder at what point do we begin to address the lacking spiritual dynamic that makes these experiences all the more too consistent.

    I heard there was lots of representation at the Arena and rightfully so, but while I was faith-organizing today, I found out that no pastors wanted to do the eulogy for Mixon’s family due to “bad publicity”. While hearing this, I heard from other pastors of “my need” to attend the funeral of the officers for networking opportunities.

    In all of this I wonder, is the faith community part of the problem or the solution? And if we are in fact to be part of the solution, what should we be doing proactively to engage the communities most destroyed by the two incidents you referenced? How should we be serving in bringing about healthy relationships between the civil agencies and inner-city communities? How should we be recognizing our need to be salt and light in both areas bringing that “convergence-type” reconciliation I always hear this cat named Bobby Lee talk about at random cafes. I think I have more questions than answers B.

    I just wonder why Jesus would attend both funerals with as much passion but his followers most likely wouldn’t?

    I’m writing a blog about this today as well called Jesus and Funerals.

    • I hear you Ben. Loud and clear… I think it’s going to take incredible brokenness on the church’s part to break out of our agendas and love ‘unconditionally’ and pour out grace. One of my questions that I’m still wrestling with is how we respond on a long-term basis. The church gets rallied up during moments of tragedy, but lacks a ‘sustaining’ vitality and presence. i too have more questions than answers, but want to take a step forward in a movement of peace…

  3. Fa sho’ man. We’ll be part of the solution, but I think having forums and consistent engagement with these two entities on the ground, not reflective of what has happened recently, but for what we desire to happen and figuring out how, through relationship, we earn the right to discuss such topics with the folks Jesus misses most…

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