can silence change the world???

we live in an age where efficiency and effectivity are the marks of success.  speed to delivery, visible change are all things that make me wonder sometimes if our spiritual activity changes anything.  i was reading some henri nouwen over the weekend and he talks about silent prayer and how silence actually changes us.  it was incredibly profound to think that God speaks to us in silence.  we’re constantly listening to a barrage of voices.  we listen to emails, txts, tweets, fb updates, websites, blogs, billboards, tv, movies, news, etc.  we’re bombarded by so much stuff that to sit in silence is outrageously difficult and painful.  there’s a detox or an “unplugging from the matrix” that is liberating and clarifying in so many ways.  i believe that by pursuing God in this venue that we ultimately change; thus, creating change in the world around us.  can silence change the world?  i believe it can.  as much as our productivity changes things, so can silence and the choice to stop and center ourselves on Christ.

i’m spending this week (passion week) in extended times of prayer (silence) and fasting.  as i enter into this week, i’m believing more and more that what we do in our spirit (spiritual disciplines) affects the world around us more than we recognize or choose to believe…

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