how our dreams shape us…

i was reading joshua 1 last week where God tells Joshua that Moses is dead and he is now in charge and will lead the people into the promised land.  what kept sticking out to me was the fact that God tells Joshua to enter the land that God had promised them but to be, “strong and courageous.”  he says it three times in the first nine verses!  now, why would Joshua need to be strong and courageous if he was about to enter the “promised land?”  this was the cumlination right?  i mean, they had escaped Egypt, walked through the desert for 40 years so i figure the destination should be a walk in the park right?  NO!!!

as i read through this passage over and over again, i started to see how God was telling Joshua to be strong and courageous in keeping His word; making sure that he doesn’t stray from it at all.  he didn’t say, “be strong and courageous” and go and build up your army.  he calls Joshua to trust in Him and to keep His word. what does this have to do with entering into the promised land?  maybe more than we think…

maybe the pursuit of our dreams has just as much to do with our formation as it does with reaching the destination.  maybe our formation is the purpose for God even giving us the dream/destination in the first place.  maybe walking 40 years in the desert was preparing everyone to trust in God’s provision every day rather than reacting to the environment. He keeps saying that He’s with us and will never leave us or forsake us.  But do we “believe” Him?  Do we “trust” Him?  More often than not, we don’t.  We give in to our fear, the circumstance and believe what we see rather than what we hear from God.  So, maybe God is constantly working to transform our life so that we’re looking to Him rather than what lies before us. Our dreams, then, have just as much to do with changing us as they do with changing the world around us…

1 thought on “how our dreams shape us…

  1. When Joshua took over as leader of the children of Israel, I imagine there was anxiety among them because even though God had promised the land to them, there were still inhabitants occupying certain territories within its proximity. They were threatened by many nations around them, but God proved to them that if they followed His guidance, they would come out victorious over their foes. God instructed them who, when, and how to attack those who sought to oveertake them, and each time proved His word could not return unto Him void. It is only when they acted without God’s counsel, or turned their backs on God, instances where they were defeated by their enemies.

    When we trust God as they did, we will experience God not only giving us the dream, but becoming our vision Himself, thus guiding us to the fulfillment of that dream, but at God’s time, and by His navigation.

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