The Power of “With”

I’m starting to realize the power of being “with” someone. I know that we’re always looking for specific answers and used to asking specific questions of “how,” but I’m learning more and more that spending time “with” someone creates change.

If we knew everything that we were supposed to do, we’d be more lost. We’d find less reason to have a relationship with God. We’d no longer be human. I know that this is a strong statement, but I truly believe that God was calling us to Him to be “with” Him. It’s not about letting us know what we should or shouldn’t do, but about loving us and being in relationship with us.

What would it look like if we really, truly spent time “with” one another instead of just knowing what to do in life? Maybe there would be more love, more grace, more forgiveness, more justice, and more reconciliation…

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