The Olympics and the Gospel…

The olympics have been a real treat and addiction for me this Winter. I’ve been watching as much as I can because the competition has been amazing (yes, I even watched some curling)! 😉 One of the stand out moments for me was Shaun White’s half pipe performances. He had done so well in the first heat that all he had to do to win gold was board right through the middle of the half pipe. What’s his response? He does some of the most amazing tricks that anyone has ever seen!

I was thinking about this and what freedom and grace does to and for us. Sometimes we think, “I’m covered by grace so there’s no need to try anymore.” Sometimes we worry about making grace cheap because we can’t seem to change. But what is we could experience the freedom that grace brings to a point where we live extraordinary lives. It wouldn’t be about trying to win anything anymore or trying to “make it.” It would be about living all out because we can and because failure wouldn’t change our status. We might do some amazing things that no one has ever seen or thought possible.

We’re like Shaun White about to drop in knowing already that the gold is in hand. The gospel has freed us given us a status before God that is unchangeable. So what will it be? Do you cruise? Or do you go for it? The choice is yours…

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