Out of Control…

So, I’m breaking my hiatus from blogging today!!! I’ve been spending time offline but am getting back into the swing of writing, sharing, and blogging.

To start things off, here’s a lesson from tomatoes: I came home on Saturday afternoon to find a huge bowl of tomatoes on our dining table.


My daughters had actually picked the tomatoes from our backyard. A little background and context on this: I planted tomatoes months ago in an attempt to slow down and enjoy the hobby of gardening. I planted them, watered them for a few days and then they were on their own until now. I got really discouraged because ‘tree like’ weeds started growing all around them and seemed to have swallowed them up. I wrote off my tomato plant and thought it was a lost cause. But my kids (Sami’s in the pic below swimming through the weeds to get a tomato) fished through the weeds and pulled out some really solid tomatoes!


Two things I learned from this day:

1. Just because I didn’t take care of every little detail doesn’t mean that God’s not at work or can’t work…

2. I may plant the seed and not see any growth and the next generation may see and reap the fruit…

It’s absolutely crazy what you can learn about life and ministry from tomatoes…

redefining good in a bad way…

i was reading an book on raising infants and it raised a really interesting and insightful truth. why do we refer to babies as “good” or “bad” when it comes to their actions? if a baby cries, doesn’t sleep, and is unconsolable we refer to him/her as a “bad” baby. but if he/she eats well, sleeps well, and rarely cries, we refer to him/her as a “good” baby. interesting… how does that make them good or bad?

i’m wondering if we start redefining things in our lives when things don’t match up. and then i’m wondering if we take these new definitions and use them to evaluate everything… even God. for instance, a “good” baby is one that doesn’t disrupt our lives and makes our lives easy. so now, a “good” God is one who doesn’t disrupt our lives and makes our lives easy. hmmmm… that’s maybe why we ask ourselves the questions, “why would God do this?” “if God is good, why would he make me suffer?” “how could a good God allow pain in my life?” So, is God good? if we define good as not interrupting our lives, not transforming us, not helping us, and making our lives as easy and as comfortable as possible, then maybe not… So, maybe it’s time for us to look to Him to our definition of good and to see Him as truly God. Maybe we should approach God with humility and brokenness so that we can be formed and informed by Him.

The Truth: God is a never changing constant and He is always good.

Change Happens…

Steve (dignitas country director) & tiffany (dignitas executive director) handing out new textbooks yesterday

Steve (dignitas country director) & tiffany (dignitas executive director) handing out new textbooks yesterday

when people make intentional choices to do so.  if you don’t alread know, last year i co-founded a non-profit organization called the dignitas project.  we work to help restore dignity that has been lost or taken away by and from children of impoverished communities.  our first project is in a slum area in Nairobi, Kenya known as Mathare.  we work with the community and help catalyze indigenous leadership that will help improve education and life for the next generation.  it’s an incredible privilege to work with some of the most passionate leaders i’ve ever

Students Taking Home New Textbooks

Students Taking Home New Textbooks

encountered.  everyday, these young leaders give everything they have and everything they are to the betterment of Mathare.  they are constantly investing the next generation.  it’s humbling because i typically serve/volunteer/give out of my excess rather than my core.  though some of these leaders may look to me for leadership and insight, i have learned so much from my fellow leaders on the ground.  i’m writing to let anyone who reads this know that this week our partner schools have received new textbooks.  textbook ratios for our schools were anywhere from 40-100 students to 1 textbook.  no, it’s not a typo and yes, it is completely unjust or downright wrong!!!  how can we create change?  how can we help fight injustice in this world?  how can we change the future for children who are radically affected by poverty?  by making intentional choices of getting involved.  change happens when we change our current course and give ourselves away…  take a look at our current cause.  we are still trying to raise more money to provide more textbooks.  help us change lives today!!!  go to our site and blog to donate or check out our cause on facebook