Power of the Holy Spirit…

there’s a group of us that have been going through a discipleship curriculum called “sonship” by world harvest mission. one of the lessons calls us to share “justification by faith” with a non-believer. to do this takes courage. to do this also takes an understanding of our faith as christians. but more than these, to do this takes a dependency on the Holy Spirit to do what only He can do. i’ve stumbled and fumbled my way through sharing the gospel plenty of times and have a hard time communicating justification by faith without using the words “justification” or “faith.” what about you? do you ever feel ill-equipped or at a complete loss of words when you’re in a place to share your faith?

i believe that it’s in these moments that we’re supposed to move forward and depend on the Holy Spirit. i think that it has less to do with us than we think. i’ve seen and experienced people come to Christ through a fumbling and stumbling of words. and, i know that my revelation of God and Jesus Christ was not because someone convinced me, but because the Holy Spirit breathed life into me.

when will we trust in the power of the Holy Spirit? what will it take to let go of our limitations and press further into our life’s journey led by Jesus Christ? i’m not writing this as a criticism. i’m writing this to challenge myself and hopefully you to trust in the power of the Holy Spirit!!! let’s go… as Scripture says, “the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.” and as it says in the next verse, i’m praying that he Lord of the harvest will send you and into “His” harvest field!!! (Matthew 9: 37-38)